Quality Quarantine Series
Quality Quarantine Series NaturoAcademy

This FREE 5-day course introduces various lifestyle strategies that you can start to implement today to optimize your mind, body and spirit.



Recent events in our world have made many of us realize how vitally important our health is, and how long we have been putting it on the back burner. Now is the time to focus on you and your health! This is far more important than ever before. 

It is easy to fall in to old habits, or habits that may exist only on weekends (eating more, moving less) while we spend more and more time in the comfort of our own home. But we are hoping to help each and every one of you shift in to a state of health, and use this time as an opportunity to level up during this quarantine.

Join us on a transformational journey to better health!

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DAY 1:

Quality Nutrition

Learn how to determine what the optimal eating paradigm is for YOU. The principles we teach are simple and straight forward. No “dieting” or supplements required!


DAY 2:

Quality Sunlight

Learn why sunlight is the most important nutrient for our body (way more than just Vitamin D!) and what time of the day holds the strongest benefit for our bodies!

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DAY 3:

Quality Lighting

Master your light environment. Learn the best types of lightbulbs to use in your homes, why artificial light at night is harmful to our health & how to avoid it.

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DAY 4:

Quality Movement

Learn how to incorporate natural movements throughout the entire day. With consistent, intentional and efficient movement, you can transform your health.

EMF landscape

DAY 5:

Quality EMF's

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’s) are all around us. Educate yourself on the dangers of man-made EMF’s and learn how to reduce your exposure.

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Get to Know Your Teachers

Dr. Andrew and Dr. Marissa are Naturopathic Doctors who are passionate about all things health optimization. We are eager to share our knowledge and experience to help you become your best self physically, mentally and spiritually. We aim to empower you, inspire you, and teach you to tune in to your body and the inherent rhythms of nature. This is achieved by swapping out various lifestyle habits that may no longer be serving you, with habits that help you feel aligned to your true potential.


What is NaturoAcademy?

NaturoAcademy is a platform designed to educate you and your family on how to achieve optimal health, naturally. NaturoAcademy hopes to guide you to align, connect and synchronize with nature. We do not focus on simply treating disease, our focus is on creating and fostering health.

Health is so much more than just absence of disease. To us, it is having an abundance of energy, radiating happiness, and thoroughly enjoying all that life has to offer.

Although it’s not always easy, establishing a state of optimal health is attainable. It is often forgotten that health is our default state. We are meant to be healthy. When you apply the foundations of health to your life, health comes naturally. With the overwhelming amount of conflicting “health advice” that we as a society are exposed to, it’s our job to share with you what really works to empower you to make meaningful changes in your life in order to achieve limitless health today, and for the rest of your life.

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