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Welcome to DAY THREE of the Quality Quarantine Series!

Today marks the HALFWAY point. We are so proud of you for continuing to make your health a priority! We truly hope you’ve been able to feel our support during this time. We are loving your feedback and FB/IG shares, so please keep it up! Lets get in to today’s topic..

You know the drill – grab a pen and paper and get ready to write down the top 3 tips you learn in today’s video on Quality Lighting, and how to avoid artificial light (especially at night). Artificial light is extremely damaging to our health and it is an absolute must that you learn to avoid exposure as much as possible.

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 Check out the video below and enjoy!

Extra Resources

RaOptics blue blocking glasses  |  *use code NATUROACADEMY for 10% off!

DeWalt Laser Glasses | cheaper than RaOptics, but less aesthetically pleasing!

IRIS blue light filter for computers  |  *use this link for 10% off!

Youtube Video on how to hack your iPhone to make your screen RED!

NaturoAcademy Blue Light Blog to learn more.

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Thanks for watching! See you tomorrow to discuss Quality Movement!

Love and health,
Dr. Marissa, ND and Dr. Andrew, ND

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