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    Our Story


    Dr. Marissa & Dr. Andrew, ND


    Hey there! We are Marissa & Andrew, Naturopaths with a passion for helping you achieve your best health. In our own health journey and experience working with clients, we realized that there was a major piece of the health puzzle missing: LIGHT. In today's world we are disconnected from nature in many ways, including a natural light environment. We are bombarded with artificial blue light from technology and overhead lighting at all hours of the day and we no longer respect our natural circadian rhythms. 

    It has become our passion to educate others about how they can improve their health by improving their light environment. Blue blocking glasses are an essential tool in the modern world, but unfortunately the vast majority of "blue blockers" on the market are next to useless! We set out to create the most effective, highest quality blue blocking glasses for our friends, family and patients.. and achieved just that. But then we thought "why stop there?" so here we are providing you with best quality products to improve your light and transform your life. 



    Our goal is to do everything we can to give back to the Earth in any way we can. We use 100% recyclable packaging materials. We are committed to donating 1% of every purchase to Farmer's Footprint: a non-profit organization dedicated to improving soil health through regenerative agriculture. You can learn more about Farmer's Footprint here!


    Professional Quality

    All lenses are lab-tested and verified to block the proper spectrum of blue light.

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    Regenerating the Planet

    1% of sales go towards regenerating soil health