Frequently Asked Questions

NaturoBlocks Blue Blocking Glasses

  1. How are your glasses different from other blue blockers?

    NaturoBlocks are designed by health professionals based on the science of photobiology (how light affects our biology). We use lenses that have been verified to block out the correct spectrum and amount of blue light to protect you from the damaging effects of technology.

    All of our lenses are lab-made using pigment-infused technology (the colour is infused into the lens) instead of using a surface coating that could scratch and wear off over time. We offer a wide variety of stylish unisex high-quality frames for both adults and children.

    The majority of other blue blocking glasses are highly ineffective for two reasons:

    1. They block a very small percentage of blue light: 3-9% on average.

    2. They fail to block the damaging wavelength of blue light that is actually emitted from screens and digital devices (455nm).

    In other words they do not block ENOUGH blue and they block the WRONG type of blue. If the lens is totally clear, it is NOT blocking the right type of blue light. Don’t be fooled by “blue light blocking” marketing tactics!

  2. How do I choose between daytime screen glasses and nighttime sleep glasses?

    Daytime screen glasses are best used to protect you from blue light if you are on screens often during the day. They are also recommended if you are in an environment with traditional lighting (LEDs, Fluorescent bulbs etc) for long periods of time.

    Nighttime sleep glasses should be used if you are exposed to ANY artificial light at night (other than red light). 

    It's a good idea to get one of each pair if this is accessible to you! If you just have to choose one, Daytime is a safe bet as they can be worn during all hours of the day.

  3. Is there actual research on this? How do I know they work?

    Yes! There is plenty of research on the negative effects of artificial blue light on our body.

    There is a growing amount of research on blue blocking glasses as well. The majority of studies show that using blue blocking glasses at night time improves sleep quality and quantity in addition to increasing melatonin (our most important sleep hormone). Some research also suggests that they are an effective strategy to reset your circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycles) and may decrease symptoms of anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder.

    You can dive in to the research by clicking HERE

    Scientific research is a great tool but at the end of the day we are all unique individuals and the only way to know if they work for you is to try them out and see how you feel!

    If they aren't working for you, we offer a 30-day full refund and free return policy so there's no reason not to try!

  4. When should I wear NaturoBlocks?

    Daytime Screen Glasses
    Wear your Daytime Glasses whenever you are inside under artificial light or looking at a screen. Never wear blue blocking glasses outside during the day as blue light from the sun is crucial for our health. If you prefer not to use Nighttime Sleep Lenses, the Daytime Screen Lenses can still be used at night but they will not block as much as the Nighttime Sleep Lenses.

    Nighttime Sleep Lenses
    After the sun sets, put on your Nighttime Lenses if you are going to be exposed to any type of artificial blue light until you go to sleep (let’s face it - in today’s society, who isn’t?!). These should also be used in the morning if you are exposed to artificial blue light before the sun rises. These glasses can be used outside at night if you are exposed to blue light (such as street and car lights) but avoid wearing them while driving due to colour distortion.

  5. How do I know if the glasses will fit me?

    Each frame has it's specifications listed under the description. You can use a ruler or measuring tape to get an idea of how they will fit on your face.

    Frame Specifications

    Don't stress! If they don't end up fitting the way you hoped we offer free exchanges (in Canada) within 30 days of receiving your glasses.

Shipping, Returns & Partnership

  1. How much does shipping cost?

    $0 if you live in Canada eh! Shipping is on us 🙂

    There is a $15 flat rate for shipping to the continental US.

    At this time we do not ship outside of Canada and the US. 

  2. Do you offer free returns/exchanges?

    You bet! If you don't like your glasses for any reason just let us know and we are happy to exchange your first pair at no cost to you. For additional exchanges the buyer must pay for return shipping.

    If you aren't satisfied and want to return them, we offer a full refund minus the cost of shipping as long as the product is in its original condition. 

    Returns and exchanges can be done within 30 days of receiving your glasses. US residents are responsible for shipping costs to and from our facility for all exchanges. 

  3. Are these covered by my insurance plan?

    It depends on your plan! In most cases you will need a prescription from an optometrist/opthalmologist for blue blocking lenses. You will have to contact your insurance company to find out for certain.

    We do not offer or fill prescription lenses.

  4. I love my pair of NaturoBlocks, and want to buy them for my whole family! Can I get a bulk purchase discount?

    Heck yes you can!

    Send us an email ( and we can arrange a discount for you and your family 🙂

  5. Do you have an affiliate/influencer program?

    Yes we do, please check out our affiliate page here.

  6. Is there a wholesale or bulk purchase discount?

    We are pleased to have the opportunity to help companies provide top quality Blue Blocking Glasses for their entire team to keep everyone healthy, happy and productive! If you are interested in purchasing large quantities of glasses, please send us an email at to find out more about our bulk purchase discount.

    To learn more about our Corporate Wellness Education Programs, check it out here.

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