In Canada and the USA, only 0.03% of people reach their 100th birthday. We’re on a mission to change that!

Do you challenge the standard view of aging? Do you seek to get healthier and more vibrant with each passing year? You’re not alone! By harnessing cutting-edge tools and techniques to optimize sleep, exercise, recovery, and nutrition, you’re about to embark on a journey that challenges the status quo of aging.

It might be common to battle declining energy, pop handfuls of pills and medications every day, suffer from aches and pain, and live a sedentary indoor life, but the truth is: that’s definitely not normal!

Chances are if you’re reading this right now, you are far from normal 😉

Say no to normal. Say yes to unlocking your true health potential!

Centenarian Definition

Learn Tools for Health Mastery

Naturopathic Doctors, Dr. Chell and Dr. Marissa, are on a mission to share tools, concepts, and mindsets that not only elevate your current well-being, but also pave the way for sustained health into the future. Embrace the belief that you can perform better as you age!

Together we will explore diverse health topics, focused on optimizing your well-being so you can thrive now AND and create a vibrant, healthful future. Topics include:

The narrative around aging and lifespan isn’t set in stone – you can choose what your future will look like starting with the choices you make today. Armed with a plan and a community of like-minded future centenarians, we have the power to shape a life of extraordinary health one day at a time 💪


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    About Us!

    Dr. Andrew Chelladurai ND & Dr. Marissa Canning ND are Naturopathic Doctors with a passion for helping you optimize your health. We combine time-tested foundational health practices (aka old school naturopathy) with cutting-edge technology and tools to maximize longevity. We love working with motivated health- obsessed people (like ourselves) to push limits and reach our highest health potential. Looking forward to connecting with you inside da club 😉